Data Analysis & Machine Learning - with SIG

Analytical skill has become one of the most popular requirements in recruitment, across many disciplines. Susquehanna International Group (SIG) invites you to an applied data analysis skills development session, delivered by one of our quantitative researchers.

The workshop will address these areas: – Intuition-driven rather than data-driven – what information do we seek in data? – A flexible tool: what can Machine Learning do?  – Data, more than just an input: the importance of understating your data inside out. – Know your algorithm: the importance of understanding how your chosen algo works.

Interested? Information on the Quantitative Analyst Program and Summer Internship for 2022, SIG Dublin.

This workshop is open to all Oxford researchers with an interest in applied mathematics and data analysis. Our quant researchers have PhDs in physics, maths, statistics and computer science.


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