Navigating the translational research landscape in Oxford and developing opportunities to collaborate with Industry: Tips from the Translational Research Office and the Business Development and Partnering Team

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Advancing discoveries from basic research to clinics is one of core mission from universities and academic institutions in the U.K. Translational research programs are set deliver more innovation into health care, across new drug or vaccines therapies, diagnostics, devices or others. The Translational Research Office (TRO) was established in 2019 in Oxford to support researchers and clinicians at an early stage of their research to help them make to transition from basic to translational research for the benefit of society. What are the mechanisms and tools that can help you advance your research? The TRO will give you tips and advice on how to navigate the translational research landscape in Oxford and the U.K.

The Business Development and Partnering Team provides the resources to develop, deliver and support long-term partnerships and have been instrumental in setting up a number of strategic partnerships and in building relationships with SMEs. The team manage a number of industry supported fellowship schemes, run focused networking and matchmaking events –AIM Days. What opportunities might there be for you to collaborate with Industry? Through our growing network of external contacts our team can work with you to identify the ideal industrial partner for your research. We can offer a wide range of support for your collaborative research, from simply facilitating the right introductions through to ongoing post-agreement support to ensure longevity and efficiency in your partnership. We work closely with partners across the University including the Translational Research Office, Oxford University Innovation and contracts teams in Research Services.