Renaissance Imitatio: Colin Burrow, Kathy Eden and Brian Cummings in conversation

Join us to hear distinguished scholars Colin Burrow, Kathy Eden and Brian Cummings discussing recent and forthcoming publications on the imitation of classical literature in the Renaissance.

Readings will be pre-circulated:
· Colin Burrow, Imitating Authors: Plato to Futurity (Oxford, 2019) ch. 6, pp. 206-234.
· Brian Cummings’ ‘A Life of Learning: Erasmus’s Literary and Educational Writings’, Brill Companion to Erasmus (forthcoming)
· Kathy Eden, Chapter One, Rhetorical Renaissance: The Mistress Art and her Masterworks (work-in-progress).

All welcome, but please email Fraser Buchanan ( for the reading and to be sent a link to the Zoom meeting.