Prefrontal Network Dynamics for Cognition

Distributed temporal activity in neuronal circuits of the prefrontal cortex combines emotional information with episodic and spatial memory to guide behavioural action. Cortical neurons can be divided into excitatory pyramidal cells, which communicate through glutamate via both local and long-range axonal projections, and inhibitory interneurons, which are GABAergic and control the activity and timing of pyramidal cells mainly through local axons. These neurons can be further subdivided on the basis of their distinct axo-dendritic arborisations, subcellular post-synaptic targets, and by their differential expression of signalling molecules. We aim to determine how distinct types of neuron support the computational operations of the prefrontal cortex. I will discuss how the temporal dynamics and firing pattern of distinct neurons in the prefrontal cortex evolve during working memory, decision-making, and gambling.