Session 5: What is involved in leading and managing an Agile Sprint? (online webinar)

Gain best practice insights on leading and managing a rapid, policy-relevant interdisciplinary Sprint while supporting researcher career development.

This workshop is open to: Oxford University researchers planning to lead and manage an Agile Sprint team; Oxford University researchers leading other short-term policy-relevant interdisciplinary research project teams; early- and mid-career researchers who might be interested in the autumn Agile Sprint call.

This workshop will cover what is involved in leading and managing an Agile Sprint team based on best practice learning from Sprints to date, including integrating career development opportunities for Sprint researchers within team and individual work plans. Much of this is also applicable to those embarking on their first PI role on a short-term research project.

By the end of this workshop, you will understand how to effectively lead and manage an Agile Sprint team through: Identifying who else you need to recruit or engage in the Sprint based on perspectives and experiences missing from the team Starting well, including developing a positive research culture for different identities within the team and a shared sense of purpose and supportive collaboration that allows everyone a voice and opportunities to develop Planning realistic workloads that plot the interrelationships between work packages that allow for the Researcher Concordat 10 days’ development time, and continuous integration to ensure ongoing team engagement Managing a Sprint budget and working with the Agile programme support team.

“While meeting the ‘Sprint’ pace is challenging, it helps the team focus and streamline research and stakeholder engagement activities in a way not commonly seen in conventional projects. This short period of intense involvement can expedite early-career researchers’ development but also means the Sprint PI needs to dedicate time to support their researchers’ career planning throughout the Sprint.”
-Professor Aidong Yang

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Participation: Please note you will be expected to actively participate, which includes joining discussion, listening, asking questions, and contributing to activities.