Diseases of the 21st Century

This is a 10-day online course aimed at undergraduate, recent graduate and postgraduate students with teaching delivered Mon-Fri from 24 August - 4 September 2020

This is a fascinating programme for students interested in applying for (or recently enrolled in) medical school or in carrying out biomedical research at UK or international universities. The course lecturers will show how fundamental research can be applied to push forward healthcare, using biochemical and genetic technologies in drug and vaccine design and diagnostics. We will focus on diseases which have been identified as major pathologies in the current century.
Infectious diseases: Covid-19, Tuberculosis
Metabolic diseases: Diabetes, Atherosclerosis

Lectures will cover fundamental research, translational research in medicine, pathophysiology, and ethical/social aspects of healthcare. Students can choose a specific topic within these areas to focus on in more depth. They will also gain experience in assessing evidence from clinical trials and the management of risk in medicine.