Diversity of thought: inclusion, innovation, and space

Join us for the fifth Oxford Smart Space Event: Diversity of thought: inclusion, innovation, and space
Diverse views are essential to innovation, and this is especially true for the space community. Space-focused innovation relies on interdisciplinary and multinational teamwork, as well as representative lived perspectives.

Diverse experience and expertise is needed whether designing space habitats and launch vehicles, or designing the civil society we wish to create on other worlds.

This session brings together those who are thinking about diversity at the boundary. Join us for a conversation about the work that is happening and the work that needs to be done to attract a more representative set of people to invent solutions to space challenges and imagine new worlds that are more just.

Panel discussion hosted by Renee Rottner, Assistant Professor, Technology Management Program at University of California Santa Barbara, with Joan Johnson-Fresse, Professor, Naval War College and other great speakers still waiting to be confirmed.

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