EiT Health Innovation Day

EIT Health Innovation Day is a European-wide event that will occur on Friday 18th November in Sweden and Denmark and Saturday 19th November in the UK. Registration priority will be given to students and early stage researchers from CAMPUS partner universities in the UK, Sweden and Denmark including those from Karolinska Institutet, Uppsalal Universitet, København Universitet, University of Oxford and University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Students and researchers from different disciplines will come together for a day of inspirational talks and health innovation training. The day will also provide participants with the opportunity to create and develop their own health innovation project and compete for awards to further their project’s development and entry to a Europe wide innovation competition.

What is the aim of the Innovation Day?
EIT Health Innovation Day is aimed at boosting the entrepreneurial spirit among students and researchers, and kick-starting innovation in the area of health and ageing. Inspirational speakers will share their experiences of the possibilities and rewards of health innovation and each delegate will get the opportunity to develop a real viable health innovation product or idea to solve local health challenges.

Why shoud you go?
Participating students and researchers will be provided with practical innovation tools and guided through the development process, with this knowledge then being applied to the creation of projects to find solutions to real life challenges. The best ideas will win cash prize awards to further develop their project ideas.

Who is it for?
Innovation Day is open to all students and early stage researchers. Ticket price is £5 for those from the partner universities listed above, and £15 for students from other universities.

We would particularly encourage you to attend if you have an interest in entrepreneurship and would like to learn how a bright idea can be developed into a real life product and applied to tackle health challenges faced today.

Content will be accessible to those with little or no knowledge in health innovation and provides an excellent introduction to this field.