OxPeace Conference: Peace and the Anthropocene: Humanity, Environment, Sustainability

OxPeace suggests as a working definition of ‘peace’: ‘Human security and human flourishing, in a sustainable environment, with the constructive management of conflict.’

The 2019 Conference aims to explore the challenges to peace, and responses to those challenges, that arise from the ascendancy of human beings on planet Earth and the consequent impacts on our environment. The programme is under construction, but could range from climate change and its many consequences including migration and human rights issues, loss of biodiversity, scarcity of basic resources (water, food), to fossil fuels, energy policy including nuclear energy, the problem of plastics, the roles of IT and social media, conservation, re-forestation, innovative technological solutions, and the roles of women. What level of human population can this planet peacefully sustain? What answers are there to this question, and what ethical, political and practical issues arise?

Confirmed speakers include Professor Franz Baumann, New York University (former UN Assistant Secretary-General and Special Adviser on Environment and Peace Operations) on global heating; Prof Charles Godfray (Oxford) on food security, Prof Mark Maslin (UCL) on plastics, Dr Jeremy Leggett (British social entrepreneur and writer, founder of Solarcentury and SolarAid), Marcel Smits (IEP) on systems approaches to environmental problems, Dr Heather Baumann (Oxford) on the Arctic and Antarctic, Prof Henry Shue (Oxford) on climate justice. More to come.

Conference Dinner on Friday 17 May at 19:00, with speaker Dr Jeremy Leggett. The main programme continues on Saturday 18 May, 09.00 to 17.30. Dinner tickets £40 (some tickets will be subsidised at £20 for students), pay in advance. Conference fee: Students £5, non-students £10, pay on arrival.