Psycho-Social Perspectives Missing from Discussions about the War on Ukraine

Whit has worked at the intersection of conflict and social construction since starting a newspaper in Novosibirsk in 1991, which was intended to cultivate mutual understanding and friendly relations between Russians and Americans. He has worked as a journalist, for the Australian and British ministries of defence, the US State Department, the UN missions in Kosovo and Afghanistan (about both of which he published books) and for research organisations. In 2014-15, his firm, Mason Change Communications, had a team of 30 embedded in the Government of Ukraine and delivered strategic communications support on behalf of HMG. He recently completed over two years as the Influence Adviser in the Standing Joint Force Headquarters, the UK’s deployable joint military HQ for major crises, and is now contributing to a variety of efforts to ameliorate the effects of Russia’s assault on Ukraine and the norms that sustained the Long Peace.