An insider's account of the US 'war on terror' with Mark Fallon

In this seminar, national security expert Mark Fallon will discuss his new book, Unjustifiable Means, as well as his experience serving the US intelligence community, where he held positions including NCIS Deputy Assistant Director for Counterterrorism and Senior Executive within the Department of Homeland Security. The book reveals a dark side to the United States government, which set domestic laws and international covenants aside to become a nation that tortured. This was sanctioned by the highest-ranking members of the Bush Administration, the Army and the CIA, many of whom still hold government positions, although none have been held accountable. It also exposes those responsible for using torture under the guise of national security, as well as those who risked it all to oppose the programme.

The seminar will be chaired by Federica D’Alessandra, the Executive Director of the Oxford Insitute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict’s International Peace and Security Programme.