Theory Reading Group - Week 1: Gillian Rose, The Broken Middle

We will be reading Gillian Rose’s The Broken Middle (1992), beginning Monday of week 1 and continuing through to the end of Trinity.

Over the course of her career, Gillian Rose (1947-95) developed a speculative, feminist philosophy that challenged much of what is now regarded as post-structuralism. The reading group is an opportunity to think through Rose’s unique contribution to philosophy and literary theory, including her feminism, her rethinking of authorship and identity, her advocacy of critique and her reworking of Hegel, among other themes. There are few copies of the book available in Oxford, but participants are welcome to use either the Blackwell or Wiley printings. We hope to touch on Mourning Becomes the Law (1996) if time allows.

We will meet every Monday evening at 17.30 from weeks 1-8 in the Old Music Room at 6 New College Lane, aiming to spend up to two weeks on each chapter.

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