What are living labs? Exploring models for collaborative research from Oxfordshire and beyond

Living labs have become increasingly popular in recent years, both in the UK and abroad.

They are formally described as “open innovation ecosystems in real-life environments”, operating as intermediaries between citizens, research organisations, companies and government agencies. In practice, living labs are often shaped and constrained by the environment they evolved in.

This has led to different living lab models, many of which differ in their goals, operations, and opportunities that they create for researchers, users and local communities.

In this public webinar, we will explore a variety of current living labs from Oxfordshire and beyond. These will include commercially-minded technology test-beds and a patient-centred initiative to improve medical research.

Come along to better understand what opportunities can be created for researchers through these engaged innovation platforms, and how they could apply to research at Oxford.

Come to find out
What are the benefits of living labs for research institutions?
How do researchers, innovation actors and communities interact with them?
How do various models deliver local impact through innovation?


Professor EJ Milner-Gulland, University of Oxford
Professor Cathy Henshall, Oxford Brookes University
Anders Trana, CTO, Future by Lund
Emma Southwell-Sander, Harwell Energy Tech Cluster Development Manager