Mainstreaming gender at the International Monetary Fund

The IMF is launching its very first Gender Mainstreaming Strategy. Mainstreaming gender at the IMF starts with the recognition that many aspects of gender disparities in opportunities, outcomes, and decision-making roles are macro-critical and that economic and financial policies can exacerbate or narrow these gaps. The vision is to integrate gender into the IMF’s core activities—surveillance, lending, and capacity development—in accordance with its mandate, with the goal to help IMF members foster resilient and inclusive economies by supporting them in addressing gender gaps and improving women’s economic empowerment. The presentation will elaborate on the strategy and its key pillars.

As the IMF enters the strategy implementation stage, it would welcome views from experts, academics, and practitioners in several interconnected fields on how to make its analysis and policy advice on gender more granular. Given the IMF macroeconomic mandate, the gender strategy relates to public policy, economic modelling and statistics, but also interfaces with social and cultural norms, climate, fintech, inequality, fragility and other emerging topics.

This event will be moderated by Professor Anandi Mani.