Pictorial planning - using the lean canvas for enterprising researchers

All DPhil students and All Research Staff of: MPLS Division; Doctoral Training Centre - MPLS

Got a great idea? Then it will take careful planning of all the details to bring it into reality. Planning the practicalities and routes to an end ‘product’ often brings to light unexpected opportunities and threats, allowing you to develop a more successful final output. This half day interactive course will use the popular business model canvas combined with your research project as a starting point to develop your ideas further.

This course will cover:
  • Elements of The Lean /Business Model Canvas
  • Research project summaries
  • Using an adapted research canvas
  • Business plan basics
  • The equity fingerprint
By the end of this session participants will have:
  • Explored the elements of the Lean/ Business Model Canvas with their peers
  • Applied the canvas to their research
  • Received peer feedback on their canvas
  • Studied the steps of a formal business plan