Introducing GSK Discovery Partnerships with Academia - Innovative Medicines from integrated industry-academia partnerships

GSK Discovery Partnerships with Academia
Discovery Partnerships with Academia (DPAc) is an innovative drug discovery model that brings together the deep biology and disease knowledge of world-class scientists in academia with the drug discovery expertise and resources of GSK, with the goal of making innovative medicines to benefit patients.

DPAc projects work as fully integrated project teams. Both sides contribute, and share in the reward, with everyone playing to their strengths. The partnership runs all the way from project initiation through to the launch of a medicine.

We look for specific opportunities for drug discovery, covering almost all disease areas and with either small molecule or biopharmaceutical modalities.

Projects are assessed based on a variety of criteria, including the strength and novelty of the therapeutic hypothesis, the unmet medical need, and the expected tractability for drug discovery and the clinical testing of the hypothesis.

If you have a drug discovery project idea please get in touch – we are very happy to discuss potential projects and to provide feedback.