In conversation with the authors of Troublemaking

There are no unorganisable workers, only workers yet to be organised.

There has been an explosion of organising among workers many assumed to be unorganisable, from delivery drivers in London to tech workers in Silicon Valley. The culmination of years of conversations on picket lines, in community centres, and in union offices, with workers in Britain, the US, India, Argentina, South Africa, Brazil, and across Europe, Troublemaking (Verso, 2023) brings together lessons from around the world. Precarious workers waste collectors in Mumbai show that no worker is “unorganisable”, cleaner organising at LSE and St Mary’s hospital in London and Sans-papier workers in France indicate that demanding more at work can lead to big wins. Struggles like The Water Wars in Cochabamba, Bolivia show how we can use our power beyond the workplace.

Come to this event to be inspired by Lydia and Jamie’s stories of successful labour organizing around the world and learn how organizing in the workplace is part of building toward a more democratic and equitable future.

“…ordinary people have the power to change the world, and this book asserts that workplace struggles are a key part of how we can do so. ”

“…organizing in your own job, no matter how difficult or disconnected it may seem, is part of building towards a more democratic future”

This event is organized by Oxford UCU but is open to anyone. This event will be followed by a branch social at Lamb and Flag to continue the discussion. Come early to visit the UCU table before the event.