Rethinking forced migration: Legacies of the Greek-Turkish population exchange

Refugee Histories in the Global South
RSC Public Seminar Series, Hilary Term 2021

How does forced migration look different if we examine it through a historical perspective? How have refugees been historical actors, as well as victims? This series examines a range of topics that illuminate these questions, by examining the historical entanglements between migration, im/mobility, colonialism, race, and borders.

Convenor: Dr. Anne Irfan

About the Speaker

Aslı Igsı is Associate Professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at New York University. Her research interests are multidisciplinary and mainly focus on the nineteenth and twentieth-century Ottoman and Turkish contexts and address a wide variety of issues. Her book, Humanism in Ruins: Entangled legacies of the Greek-Turkish population exchange, was published in 2018 by Stanford University Press.