Using myelinating cultures and other cell-based assays to unravel the inflammatory neuropathies

Please join us for the first remotely presented and attended NDCN seminar, which will be delivered using Microsoft Teams:

To allow notification of questions using the chat function, please join the ‘NDCN Seminars’ team as follows;
1. Open the Teams App, launch and sign in (when requested for an email address please use your address to send you to the Single Sign-On page).
2. Once the Teams app is running, click on the Teams icon on the left and then on the “Join or create team” button.
3. Then in the “join a team with a code” box enter the code: 1km2kd2
NB When watching the presentation, please ensure your microphone is muted. If you have a question during / after the presentation, please use the chat function to notify the host (or, if you wish, type out your question in full). To open the team chat tab, hover over the main teams screen and then click on the speech bubble button (along from the “hang up” button). The host will then select individuals to unmute and ask their questions. Please mute yourself again after you have asked your question.

If you do not join the NDCN Seminars team, you will still be able to watch the presentation by joining as a guest via the link below, but you will not be able to access the chat function to flag questions.