Building a Business, Session 4: Developing a Successful Brand and Client Loyalty

Building a Business is open to all students and staff at the University of Oxford and runs in Michaelmas term. Applications can be made through our skills and career development platform, Inkpath, allowing you the opportunity to track your progress throughout the programme and set future goals. More information on Inkpath and how to create an account can be found here:

Building a Business is a programme open to all current University of Oxford students who are either in the early stages of exploring their own potential ventures or hoping to improve their own businesses. This foundational programme will give you the opportunity to understand and learn more about what it takes to run your own business.

Over the course of five weeks, you will learn the business fundamentals of customer development, how to market your idea and also to demystify financial literacy. This experience is designed to give you the tools and confidence to pursue your own potential ventures.

The programme is supported by EnSpire Oxford, a University initiative, and delivered by the Entrepreneurship Centre.

Session 4 Details:
By analysing the success of iconic brands that have been able to survive market challenges, Flavilla Fongang has developed the ‘Beyond Marketing Approach’, helping businesses to develop their brand ecosystem to maintain high client engagement and increase their lifetime value. During this session, Flavilla will discuss this approach and share marketing strategies developed to improve brand engagement and convert more prospects.

In this talk, you’ll learn:

How to create a following of faithful individuals who buy from you frequently
About beyond Marketing activities which create the most engagement
How to create your brand ecosystem to increase your client lifetime value.