Innovating in Environmental & Landscape Archaeology

Attendees will need to have with them a mobile phone to respond to three anonymous online polls.

In light of current discussions in the University of Oxford about how academics can foster innovation, our fourth Practising Archaeology seminar will feature talks by innovative practitioners in environmental archaeology.

This event will take place in-person, at the Seminar Room of the School of Archaeology (1 South Parks Road), with an option to attend online.

Three experts in the field of Environmental & Landscape Archaeology will present their experience in shaping, delivering and evaluating innovation.
Departing from these examples, this is an opportunity for speakers and attendees to reflect on the skills needed to design and run impactful and engaging projects, the special challenges faced by projects that sit in-between and beyond commercial and academic archaeology, and the partnerships required to develop and sustain them. How can looking beyond academia benefit one’s own research? What does innovation mean in an archaeological setting?

Even though the seminar has been designed with archaeologists and archaeological scientists in mind, any member of the university with an interest in this discussion is welcome to attend.

This event is organised by Archaeology Partnerships, an ASPECT Innovation Fellowship of the School of Archaeology. It was made possible with the support of the University of Oxford’s ASPECT Innovation Fellowship Programme and ESRC Impact Acceleration Account.