BRCA1 in DNA replication and repair

The breast and ovarian cancer predisposition protein BRCA1 is best known for its role in promoting homologous recombination DNA repair and is thought to repress cancer development through this pathway. Recent work, some from the Morris lab, suggests the potential for additional tumour suppressor mechanisms in replication and in the damage response, which will be the topic of the talk.
Prof Jo Morris set up her lab at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom in 2010. Jo has interests in post-translation systems and how they relate to the regulation of mammalian DNA repair and replication. Her recent work relates to how the removal of SUMO is critical for the correct timing of events in DNA repair and how the addition and removal of ubiquitin, by BRCA1 and USP48 respectively, control 53BP1 placement and resection. Recently her interest in post-translational recombination has extended to the role of proline isomerisation in replication.