Reflections on Emptiness in Times of COVID-19

In this edition of the COVID Flash Talks, the two guest speakers will share their reflections on Emptiness from an Anthropological perspective. They will build their presentations on their articles published on the COMPAS forum “Coronavirus and Mobility” (

Read their articles: – “Emptiness (Part I): The empty streets of Blackpool” by Professor Dzenovska: – “Emptiness (Part II): An uncertain spring” by Mathilde Morin:

About the speakers:

Dace Dzenovska is Associate Professor in the Anthropology of Migration at Oxford University. She specialises in political anthropology, focusing in particular on three areas: (1), the geopolitics of mobility and migration; (2), forms of statehood, sovereignty, and capitalism in post-Cold War Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union; and (3), (post)socialism as a critical lens for analysis of ‘late liberalism’ and corresponding knowledge practices in anthropology.

Mathilde Morin is an MSc student in Social Anthropology at St Antony’s College, Oxford. Born in France, she was raised in the United-States, in Switzerland, and in Germany. First trained in philosophy in France, Mathilde specialized in East Asian studies and spent a year in Japan. She came to the University of Oxford to deepen her knowledge of social anthropology, a discipline discovered as she was studying in Japan and to which she would like to devote herself.