Space identity, skilled work, and the professions

About the event
Join us for the second Oxford Smart Space series event: Space identity, skilled work, and the professions
Space is a place, and its character is changing. From an alien domain where few ventured to undertake risky missions of exploration, it is currently undergoing a transformation into an accessible, viable location for commercial infrastructure focussed on boosting terrestrial economic activity. This shift in the framing of what space is, who can access it and to what ends raises new, important questions about the organizational, scientific and professional skills that will be required as a result. In this episode we explore the following questions:

What are the implications of ‘new space’ for the mission of incumbent space agencies such as NASA and ESA?
How will the terrestrial applications focus of space commerce impact on space exploration for scientific research?
What effect is the commercialisation of space having on the future nature and demand for professional skills in space sector?
Panel discussion hosted by Dr Eamonn Molloy, Fellow and Tutor in Management, Pembroke College, University of Oxford

With panellists:

Franke White, Harvard Space for Humanity Foundation

Sam Adlen, Chief Strategy Officer, Satellite Applications Catapult

Catherine Mealing-Jones, Director, Growth, UKSA

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