SDG Impact Lab launch event

For more information about the Lab and how to apply to be a fellow go to our website:

The Lab’s aim is to help postgraduates apply academic research to real-world sustainability challenges. Our partner is easyJet holidays, and we could not be more excited to work with them. A modern, vibrant and dynamic company they have developed a sustainability strategy that maps directly onto the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the SDGs. Working together, we can take the great minds we have amongst our student body in Oxford, the research capacity we have as a university and channel it into supporting easyJet holidays desire for evidence-based sustainable development.

At the Oxford SDG Impact Lab we support our students to:

- Collaborate with business and non-academic partners.

- Develop practical skills in leadership and project management.

- Undertake research that leads to real-world impact.

We support our partners to:

- Collaborate with a new generation of world-leading graduate students.

- Access bespoke and inspirational research on sustainable development.

- Translate that research into organisational change in line with the SDGs.

We do this by running a fellowship for graduate students to undertake a 16 week training programme followed by a four week field-based research placement covering three areas:

- Ethics. Why do we want a particular impact?

- Evidence. What works to achieve that impact?

- Engagement. How do we make that happen?