Researchers@ the Finance and Management Consultancy Fair (Pre-fair Talk)

Research students and staff planning to attend the Finance and Management Consultancy Fair (or other careers fairs) are invited to book this pre-fair event.

How can researchers get the most out of a careers fair? This pre-fair session looks at ways to engage with companies of interest at the fair, with a focus on how to present the skills gained through your research training to non-academic employers. We will also consider how to ask insightful questions and build relationships with organisations that interest you. Time permitting, we will discuss any questions you may have about job search strategies, networking or applications. Our discussion will be led by participant interests and may cover reasons why companies see value in a doctorate and/or academic research experience, and how you can identify, translate and/or build your skillset in ways that will appeal strongly to recruiters.

All Oxford University research students and research staff are welcome to attend this session.