Publishing with Open Research Europe: Using Open Science Principles for Scholarly Communication, Collaboration and Dissemination

Open Research Europe (ORE) is the European Commission’s recently launched open science platform, designed for Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe-funded researchers across all academic disciplines to publish their research. Eligible researchers include those who are part of the European Research Council projects and Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, as well as ERA-Net and Euratom projects and members of COST Actions. The platform functions with a Diamond open access model, meaning that there are no author-facing fees for publishing open access articles.

This seminar will explore:

- The benefits of publishing using ORE’s innovative and transparent model of open, post-publication peer review

- A comparison between ORE and traditional publishing methods.

- How Open Research Europe aligns with ongoing discussions around the reform of research assessment

- Trends in open access publishing and the future

This presentation is especially relevant for researchers who are recipients of Horizon funding (including those whose grants have now finished as they are still eligible to publish on ORE), as well as those interested in the European Commission’s open access initiatives and the future of scholarly publishing.

What you will need:

You will need to provide your own computer ideally with the Microsoft Teams desktop app installed, otherwise with a browser (must be Chrome or Edge). You will need a speaker and microphone for listening and speaking. You need to be online with a reliable internet connection.

Notice of recording:

Each live online training session will be recorded for accessibility and inclusivity reasons and will be shared with all attendees after the session. It may also be put onto Canvas (Oxford University’s virtual learning environment) to enable other Oxford University members with SSO to view it.