Hearing From Experts by Experience: Lived Experience Panel

Experts by Experience from the COMPAS and the NACCOM Network Community Researchers team will be sharing findings from two recent research projects focused on amplifying people’s lived experiences of being locked out of the mainstream welfare safety net:

The Understanding Migrant Destitution in the UK research project (COMPAS) explores the effects of UK immigration policy on migrant destitution in the UK, highlighting the scale of migrant destitution, the changing face of migrant destitution and the vital role of local authorities in supporting this group – which includes many children and vulnerable adults. The project set up an Experts by Experience Advisory Board to ensure the research could draw on the expertise of people with lived experience by establishing a safe and empowering space for experts by experience to advise the project in a non-tokenistic and inclusive way. In partnership with NACCOM Network, the project also offered research skills training to members of the Advisory Board so they could be involved as community researchers, co-facilitating focus groups with people with lived experience.

NACCOM’s Refused? Experiences following a negative asylum decision research report was designed, led and delivered by NACCOM’s volunteer Community Researchers, who all have lived experience of destitution and immigration control. It draws on 27 in-depth interviews with service users in the NACCOM network. It contains powerful qualitative findings that explore the devastating personal impact and trauma that can follow a negative asylum decision. The report also outlines the systemic and practical barriers that people face, which can prevent them from going on to resolve their immigration status after an initial refusal.
Lucy Leon, COMPAS Researcher and Finn McKay, NACCOM Network Community Research Facilitator, will support the panel.

Understanding Migrant Destitution in the UK project (COMPAS): www.compas.ox.ac.uk/project/understanding-migrant-destitution-in-the-uk

Refused? Experiences following a negative asylum decision research report (NACCOM): naccom.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/EMBARGOED-17.7.23-NACCOM-Refused-Experiences-following-a-negative-asylum-decision-FINAL.pdf

NACCOM’s volunteer Community Researchers: naccom.org.uk/naccom-community-research-programme-one-year-review

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