Roundtable with Ms. Maimunah Mohd Sharif

There is no need to book your place, just join us on the day.

Please join the Oxford Urbanists, ThinkCity, and the Oxford Sustainable Urban Development Programme in hosting the Executive Director of UN-Habitat in Oxford.
Chair: Dr. Radhika Khosla (Research Director, Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development; Senior Researcher, Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment)

Attendees will have the opportunity to give their feedback and share ideas about how the UN can promote inclusive urbanisation.

Event Details:

  • Ms. Sharif will give an opening speech relating her Malaysian background, growing up in a rural settlement, and coming to the UK for her studies to be a professional planner to her expanding role in local government. She will discuss what she hopes to achieve as Executive Director of UN-Habitat, including the role of Oxford in expanding opportunities for wider participation by young people and academia in developing “true value” from urbanisation.
  • She will also share her nascent attempts to refine the agency’s vision and mission, and to gauge from attendees what are the key recommendations that should be taken into consideration with regards to future trends in urbanisation, particularly with regards to:
    - Social inclusion issues
    - Women, young people, and people of colour The Global South
    - The environment