Roundtable discussion on the war in Ukraine

Please join us for a SAME roundtable discussion on the war in Ukraine with the participation of Volodymyr Artiukh (COMPAS/SAME), Anna Balazs (University of Manchester), Dace Dzenovska (COMPAS/SAME), Taras Fedirko (University of St. Andrews), Maria Gunko (COMPAS/SAME), Emma Rimpilänen (COMPAS/SAME), Madeleine Reeves (COMPAS/SAME) and Roosa Rytkoenen (University of Manchester).

What is the military and humanitarian situation in Ukraine?
Volodymyr Artiukh (COMPAS)

Why did political solutions and the Minsk agreements fail?
Taras Fedirko (University of St. Andrews)

What forms of displacement can be observed in Ukraine?
Emma Rimpiläinen (COMPAS)

How are refugees from Ukraine received in Eastern Europe?
Dace Dzenovska (COMPAS)

How does the war affect Central Asian migrant workers?
Madeleine Reeves (COMPAS)

How are East Ukrainian identifications shifting during the war?
Anna Balazs (University of Manchester)

How do people in Western Siberia make sense of the war?
Roosa Rytkönen (University of Manchester)

What protests are taking place in Russia?
Maria Gunko (COMPAS)

The discussion will take place on Friday, March 11 at 13:30 on Teams. Please follow the link below to join. We will circulate more information on the structure of the event early next week.

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