Online report launch: ‘A new perspective on decarbonising the global energy system’

We are in the midst of a renewables revolution. Solar panels, for example, are 1,000 times cheaper than they were 50 years ago, with the International Energy Agency recently declaring that in many locations around the world solar is ‘the cheapest source of electricity in history.’

Launching the report ‘A new perspective on decarbonising the global energy system’, Professor Doyne Farmer and Dr Matthew Ives will draw on over a decade of research to explain why the more we deploy renewables, the faster their prices are likely to drop. As they will outline, this has profound implications for the potential cost and optimal pace of our transition towards net zero.

Professor Farmer and Dr Ives will set out new evidence on the importance of continuing renewables’ current growth rates for the next decade, and discuss the huge environmental, economic, and social benefits this could bring.