Discussion Group: Kyoko Yoshida Discusses the Translation and Re-translation of Yoshimasu Gozo’s Alice Iris Red Horse

Special Session of the Discussion Group: Kyoko Yoshida discusses the translation and re-translation of Yoshimasu Gozo’s Alice Iris Red Horse (New Directions, 2016).

Bio: Kyoko Yoshida was born in Fukuoka in 1969, studied in Kyoto, and acquired her Ph.D. in creative writing at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She writes fiction in English, translates contemporary experimental Japanese poetry and drama into English, and contemporary American fiction into Japanese, and teaches American Literature at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto. Spectacle & Pigsty: Poetry by Kiwao Nomura (OmniDawn, 2011, with Forrest Gander) won the 2012 Best Translated Book Award in Poetry in the US and the 2012 Toson Memorial Rekitei Award in Japan.

No preparation required; lunch provided.