“Disentangling the interconnected roles between DNA repair, NAD+, and mitophagy in ageing and neurodegeneration”

Dr. Evandro F. Fang is investigating the molecular mechanisms of one of the most fundamental and fascinating topics in current biology: human aging. After finished his Ph.D training in Biochemistry at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2012, he started a 5-year postdoctoral fellowship at the National Institute on Aging USA with Dr. Vilhelm Bohr, focusing on the roles of the “human power house” mitochondria in human aging and age-related diseases, especially the role of DNA damage in neurodegeneration.

In September 2017, he established his independent laboratory at the University of Oslo, Norway. His laboratory is focused on the molecular mechanisms of how cells clear their damaged and aged mitochondria, a process called “mitophagy”, as well as the roles of mitophagy in Alzheimer’s disease. He is fascinated with and actively engaged in moving his laboratory findings to translational applications, with the overarching goal to establish novel and safe biological approaches to promote longer and healthier human lives.

He has published over 55 papers in peer-reviewed journals with an H index of 23. He has received several awards including The NIH Fellows Award for Research Excellence 2014, 2015, and an awardee of the prestigious Butler-Williams Scholar on Aging 2016 (USA), an FRIMEDBIO Young Research Talent 2017(Norway), and a finalist of the 2017 ERC Starting grant.