External seminar: ‘Macrophages in cancer: the wrong place at the wrong time’

For MT link for the external seminar, please contact adminsupport@oncology.ox.ac.uk.

Dr James Arnold is a Reader and leads the Tumour Immunology Group at King’s College London.
James started his career at the University of Oxford, where he studied the complement system under the supervision of Dr Bob Sim. James characterized the interaction of the innate serum lectin, mannan binding lectin (MBL) with the immunoglobulin family of proteins. James went on to spend the majority of his Postdoc career with Professor Douglas Fearon at the University of Cambridge in the CRUK Cambridge Research Institute (2007-2012) where he studied a population of cancer associated fibroblasts marked by the expression of fibroblast activation protein alpha using murine models of cancer. James joined King’s College London as a Lecturer on a European Research Council Start Up grant in 2012 where he established a research team focused on translational approaches to therapeutically target the tumour stroma and harness the anti-tumour immune response. James’ team has an interest in tumour associated macrophages and their role in immune suppression with a particular focus on the various roles of the enzyme heme oxygenase-1 expressed by these cells. James was promoted to Reader in 2021.