Building a better economic system: The Better Business Act

Join us for the next Leadership in Extraordinary Times event of 2021
Change is happening. And it is happening FAST.

There have been deep shifts in boardrooms recently with Exxon forced to appoint new board members put forward by an activist investor. We’ve also seen an important purpose-leader, Emmanuel Faber, ousted from his CEO and Chair role at Danone.

And then there are landmark decisions in courtrooms – an Australian judge has ruled that the Minister of the Environment has a duty of care to future generations. In the Netherlands a ruling requiring Shell to cut emissions by 45% by 2030 signals a willingness to hold carbon emitters tightly to account for their climate impact.

Where is this going next? And how can business leaders surf these waves of change rather than feel like they are swimming against an outgoing tide or being pulled by an undertow? More importantly, what does effective leadership look like in this context – at this extraordinary moment in time?

Join Oxford Saïd’s Mary Johnstone-Louis and Charmian Love and industry leaders Douglas Lamont and Amy Clarke as they discuss where and how businesses can engage in economic system change by looking at the four key principles of the UK’s Better Business Act.

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