Starting a Career Transition: Understanding Your Motivators, Strengths, and Values

How will you know if your new career path is right for you? Investing time in understanding yourself is an essential first step.

During this in-person session we will work through tools for understanding your personal interests, strengths, and values. These insights can form the foundations of your career explorations and decisions.

This session will focus on applications for positions beyond academia only.

Workshop objectives:

  • Provide an understanding of your motivations for making your decision to move
  • Use tools for identifying your values, work preferences, and personal/professional boundaries
  • Set a plan for using this self-understanding to investigate job possibilities in a strategic way.

This event is part of Careers Beyond Academia: Options and Pathways for Researchers, our careers conference for Oxford University research staff and DPhil students, 20-23 March 2023.