Centre for the Creative Brain - Drawing the Human Brain

St Edmund Hall’s Centre for the Creative Brain is proud to welcome Professor Oliver Turnbull for an interactive workshop on drawing the human brain! Professor Turnbull will lead a live in-person neuroanatomy drawing workshop. This is a great opportunity to learn about the human brain, see how different brain structures are linked, and what this can tell us about our evolution. Join us for an afternoon of drawing and learning about the most complex organ in our body.

Oliver Turnbull is a Professor of Neuropsychology at Bangor University (where he is also Deputy Vice Chancellor). There he runs an annual neuroanatomy course, the Visceral Mind Summer School, based on learning through drawing and painting brains. As a neuropsychologist, he has an interest in emotion and its many consequences for mental life. This includes: emotion-based learning, and the experience that we describe as ‘intuition’; the role of emotion in delusional beliefs; emotion regulation, and the neuroscience of psychotherapy. He is the author of some 200 scientific articles on these topics, and (together with Mark Solms) of the popular science book ‘The Brain and the Inner World’.

This event is FREE and OPEN TO ALL! We welcome undergraduates, postgraduates, artists, scientists, and all curious people. The Centre for the Creative Brain is generously endorsed by St Edmund Hall and the Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging, University of Oxford.