Some applications of AI in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

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Dr Andrei Constantin is a Stephen Hawking Fellow in Theoretical Physics and, from January 2024 a Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow. He has two college affiliations, one with Wolfson as Research Fellow and one with Mansfield as tutor in Mathematics and Physics. He studied Physics in Bremen and received an MSc in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics from LMU Munich. He did his doctoral studies in Oxford, followed by two postdocs, one in Oxford and one in Uppsala. His work lies at the interface of string theory, algebraic geometry, and machine learning and focuses on developing mathematical and computational tools to investigate string theory and its implications for particle physics, cosmology and quantum gravity.

Andrei will discuss the application of AI technics such as genetic algorithms, reinforcement learning, supervised and self-supervised learning to various problems in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, including: the identification of new integer partition identities of Rogers-Ramanujan type, the identification of closed-form formulae and generating functions for line bundle cohomology on complex projective manifolds, string theory model building for particle physics and inflationary cosmology model building.