Examination Fellowships 2020: OPEN EVENING FOR WOMEN

All Souls holds an exam every autumn for students who have recently graduated from, or are registered for a higher degree at, the University of Oxford. Candidates may choose to sit papers in Classical Studies, Economics, English, History, Law, Philosophy, or Politics. There is also a General component taken by all candidates. The Fellowship lasts for seven years. Those elected receive a generous stipend, accommodation and career support, and may either choose to pursue an academic career, or to contribute to wider academic life while pursuing a non-academic career.

The Open Evening is an opportunity for interested women and non-binary people to learn about the Examination Fellowship – to find out more about the exam process, and to meet some members of the College.

All Souls is committed to attracting candidates from all backgrounds, and welcomes enquiries about the Examination Fellowship from anyone.

Further information, eligibility criteria, and past papers are available on our website: www.asc.ox.ac.uk/examination-fellowships-general-information