Economic and financial challenges in South East Europe

In association with the Political Economy of Financial Markets programme (PEFM)

Economic and financial challenges in South East Europe, and the role of the central bank as guardian of price and financial stability

Gent Sejko is the Governor of the Bank of Albania and Chairman of its Supervisory Council. He was voted in as Governor by the Parliament of the Republic of Albania on 5 February 2015, upon the Decree of the President of the Republic of Albania.
Mr. Sejko graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana, in 1991, in industrial economics. He earned a Master’s degree in International Accounting and Financial Management (MAcc) from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, in 1997, with his thesis on the “Role of banks and privatisation of banks in economies in transition”. Mr. Sejko started his banking career in 1992 as Head of Credit Division of the National Commercial Bank. He then worked as an Inspector at the Supervision Department of the Bank of Albania, until 1998, while pursuing his post-university studies.