Oxford Medfest 2018: Beyond Words

Medfest, the medical film festival comes to Oxford for the 4th year running!

Arrive at the Sir Michael Dummett Lecture Theatre, Blue Boar Quad, Christ Church, St Aldate’s, Oxford OX1 1DP for 5:30pm

Sponsored by the Royal College of Psychiatrists



b e y o n d / w o r d s

The theme this year is ‘Beyond Words’ and will explore topics including the power and impact of noise and silence, mental health struggles, cultural psychiatry, meditation and mindfulness. We are excited to announce the three subthemes (In Pursuit of Silence, The Conspiracy of Silence and The Mindfulness of Silence) and the final selection of film clips (four in total) for Medfest 2018!

Please see the website www.medfest2018.com and Facebook page www.facebook.com/medfest2018 for more details.


In Pursuit of Silence
Featuring: In Pursuit of Silence

Our first short film, In Pursuit of Silence, showcases the work of visionary director Patrick Shen. By examining cultures from across the world he explores the impact noise is having on our lives. With our race towards modernity and a more urban lifestyle this meditative documentary forces us to question the direction our civilisation in moving in.

The Conspiracy of Silence
Featuring: Paak (Pure)

Hamza Bangash of Citylights Productions and trainee psychiatrist Dr Mina Husain collaborated to make this intense, informative and engaging short film. Stitched together through Video-Calls the audience gains an intimate view of a lady dealing with the pressures of young adulthood- and what can happen when that pressure reaches tipping point. This production gives us a fleeting glimpse of her very real struggles and how like many mental health patients she suffers in silence.

The Mindfulness of Silence
Featuring: The Mindfulness of Silence

To end Medfest 2018 we want to explore what silence means to you. The Mindfulness of Silence involves participation in a bespoke meditative exercise on mindful listening led by Dr Florian Ruths, Consultant Psychiatrist, Mindfulness teacher and Cognitive Therapist.

Featuring: Choose Psychiatry

The event ends with a video developed by the Royal College of Psychiatrists at the heart of the ‘Choose Psychiatry’ campaign.


Our confirmed panellists include:

Professor Matthew Broome

Chair in Psychiatry and Youth Mental Health, Director of the Institute for Mental Health in Birmingham. He has also previously been the Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Warwick and Senior Clinical Research Fellow at the University of Oxford. His interests include the philosophy and ethics of mental health and neuroscience, early psychosis, delusions and cognitive instability.

Dr Maria Grazia Turri

Dr Maria Grazia Turri is a psychiatrist and theatre scholar. As a lecturer of MSc Creative Arts and Mental Health she teaches on psychoanalysis, theatre history and theories, and the intersection between psychiatry and the arts. She also works part-time as a Consultant Psychiatrist in Medical Psychotherapy in the NHS.

Dr Gerti Stegen

Dr Stegen is a Consultant Psychiatrist based in Psychological Services at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, the Director of Medical Education for her trust and an Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Oxford. Her clinical work has included working with victims of detention in a South African black township where she first became fascinated by the importance of language, music and dance in the education of health care professionals and their provision of psychological care for patients. She has since incorporated visual imagery to support patients benefit from psychological therapies. As DME she has ensured that trainees are exposed to poetry, drawings, paintings, film and ethical discussions to assist their learning about psychiatry.

Miss Sophie Maclaren

Sophie directs Saïd Business School’s Mindfulness in Business certificate programme for MBA students, and is a trainer for the Skoll Centre’s Leading for Impact social leadership programme for Oxford graduate students. For over ten years Sophie has worked with emerging and established leaders as a mindfulness trainer, consultant, and coach. In this capacity she has created hundreds of custom programmes, partnered with thousands of individuals and groups across the globe, and founded several organisations/ initiatives to develop the next generation of mindfulness trainers and support young leaders in 30+ countries.