A non-mutational BRCAness phenotype dictates response to chemotherapy in metastatic colorectal cancer

Livio Trusolino is Full Professor at the University of Turin Medical School in Turin, Italy. He also serves as the Director of the Laboratory of Translational Cancer Medicine at the Candiolo Cancer Institute in Turin, where he leads a dynamic team of young scientists.
Livio earned his M.D. from the University of Turin and a Ph.D. in Human Oncology from the San Raffaele Scientific Institute in Milan, Italy. His early research delved into unravelling the interplay between growth factor receptors and adhesion molecules in the initiation and progression of tumours. In more recent years, his work has charted new frontiers in translational and clinical oncology. By persistently exploring kinase-dependent oncogenic signals, with a particular emphasis on colorectal cancer, his research group has unearthed novel therapeutic targets, several of which have advanced into clinical application.
Livio’s studies have been published in leading journals, including Nature, Cell, Nature Genetics, Lancet Oncology, Cancer Discovery, Cancer Cell, and Science Translational Medicine. Additionally, he has contributed review articles to Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology, Nature Reviews Cancer, Nature Reviews Molecular and Cellular Biology, and Nature Reviews Drug Discovery.
Committed to rapidly disseminating his scientific findings, Livio dedicates a substantial portion of his time to educational endeavours. He often co-organises, and is regularly invited to, conferences on molecular and translational oncology. He maintains an active role in peer reviewing for grant agencies and top-tier scientific journals, viewing this service as integral to the scientific community. Livio also holds positions on the Editorial Boards of Cancer Discovery and Science Translational Medicine.