Career building | Environmental Interdisciplinary Research Lunch & Learns

This session will focus on future career development for environmental interdisciplinary early career researchers. We will have an informal panel consisting of Dr Anne Wolfes from the Careers Service and Researcher Hub, Dr Pete Barbrook-Johnson, Agile’s Deputy Director, and Dr Rachel Hayman, Agile’s Programme Manager, who can answer questions relating to careers support and resources in the University, and how to advance your career within or outside of academia. The panel is on hand to answer your questions. They will briefly introduce themselves, but there are no presentations involved so the session will be led by your questions regarding your career options.

We provide tea, coffee, biscuits, and vegetarian and vegan sandwiches. When you sign up, please state your dietary requirements.

27 November 2023, 12:30 onwards for lunch, and the session will take place 1-2pm.

Seminar Room 1, Oxford Martin School

To book, fill in the booking form and use the ‘suggestions’ field to submit your career focus.