Feminist Political Economy of War and Peace: Fulbright Seminar Series

Convened by Fulbright Visiting Professor, Aida Hozić, this series of talks is situated within feminist political economy of conflict and post-conflict recovery, highlighting two aspects of war that are not always sufficiently recognized by scholars of international relations and international security. First, feminist political economists emphasize continuums and circuits of violence, thus questioning the usual dichotomies of war and peace, economy and security, domestic and international, public and private. Second, feminist scholars stress enduring and transformative aspects of wars, analysing ways in which wars make and remake men, women, sexualities, and gender relations more broadly. Addressing a range of contemporary and historical conflicts and daily struggles, the talks will demonstrate how violence remains integral to the global political economy, with lasting effects on gendered hierarchies which often extend far beyond immediate war zones.

The seminars will take place on Tuesdays at 17:00 in Mary Hyde Eccles Room, Pembroke College, and will be followed by a reception.

Sorry, there are currently no talks scheduled in this series.

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