Global Public Seminars in Comparative and International Education address themes of major interest to academics, practitioners, and policy-makers working in the field of education globally. These seminars illuminate the role of education in societal development, with a focus on understanding changes in education policy, discourse, and practice, and how these changes influence individual opportunities and shape the development of educational institutions around the world. Seminars zoom into the local and zoom out into the national and supranational spaces, flows, and influences on education.

This series of talks explores how Ukrainian universities continue fulfilling their missions in current dramatic circumstances of Russia’s ongoing military invasion of Ukraine; how they are trying to ensure quality education and research while prioritising the safety of the participants of educational and research process. It aims to better understand current Ukrainian realities as a whole and extremely difficult challenges created for Ukrainian universities in the time of the war disaster. Speakers representing various Ukrainian universities will share their experience in solving problems that Ukrainian universities are facing due to Russia’s military invasion.

Wednesday 22 May 2024 (5th Week, Trinity Term)

Wednesday 26 June 2024 (10th Week, Trinity Term)