Europaeum events

The Europaeum is an association of seventeen of Europe’s leading universities. Founded in 1992 by Oxford University, and on the vision of Lord Weidenfeld, the Europaeum brings together talented students and faculty working in the Humanities and the Social Sciences, to promote a better ‘sense of Europe’ through collaboration and academic mobility. We believe that today, we need more not less international collaboration, more not less emphasis on universities engaging with the wider society, and more not less connection between the disciplines. And we believe that fresh cohorts of talented young people, committed to making a difference for the better, are essential to shaping the future of Europe for the better.

For over 25 years, we have successfully encouraged collaboration between European research universities, facilitated tripartite dialogue between academics, students, and those working in the public and private sectors, and we have contributed to European-wide debates about culture, politics, and society. We have established excellent faculty collaboration and student exchange; we have earned a reputation for organising strikingly successful student Spring and Summer Schools, public debates, seminars, joint teaching programmes, lectures and workshops; and we run high quality linked scholarship schemes.
Our Europaeum Scholars Programme (launched in 2018) is the latest venture to bring together the values and vision of the Europaeum, with a focus on themes such as inclusion, sustainability, and growth and development.

Sorry, there are currently no talks scheduled in this series.

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