Conference: Aspects of Collegiality and the Imperial Power in Rome (Principate and Late Antiquity)

Part of the Roman history and Late Antiquity Lille Seminar (HALMA, UMR 8164)

Participants can either attend onsite or online.

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To deal with Roman Imperial Power, a subject mostly studied and debated since Mommsen’s approach, and especially during the last decades, the Lille Roman History and Late Antiquity Seminar chooses the concept and practice of collegiality during a ‘Longue durée’, from the Antonines to the Justinians. The proposed six papers aim to reconsider how theories and practical approaches of the power of the Roman Principes deliver a real discourse about what was a Roman Emperor —particularly when two or more Augusti were in charge of the Imperium Romanum— and the concrete functioning of an Empire with no parallel in history.

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