Heritage Pathway

Heritage Pathway is a series of training and engagement activities at the University of Oxford, running termly. Since 2015, Heritage Pathway has provided undergraduate and postgraduate students, along with Early Career Researchers with the skills, knowledge and confidence to engage effectively with a wide range of partners in the heritage, museums and cultural sector.

Heritage Pathway is designed and delivered by Alice Purkiss and Dr Rachel Delman and organised through the Humanities Researcher Training and Development Programme.

Through a combination of lectures, workshops and site visits led by expert practitioners, participants understand their research in a wider context and gain experience in the heritage, museums and cultural sector. Heritage Pathway opens up new avenues for careers and collaborations, while reinforcing researchers’ ability to complete their research projects and academic tasks in a timely fashion.

Further information and booking: torch.ox.ac.uk/event/heritage-pathway-current-issues-in-arts-and-heritage

Sorry, there are currently no talks scheduled in this series.

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