Economic and Social History Quantitative Method Surgeries

These surgeries are a technical workshop meant to accompany the students in the quantitative aspect of their research. There are no prerequisites: all ESH graduate students are welcome (Mphil, MSC, DPhil). This is not a mandatory workshop, and it will not be marked. The goal is to be there to answer questions that students may have regarding statistics, software, data collection, data analysis, or research design.

These questions can be addressed to the instructor or to any other person in the room. The students just need to drop in with their laptop, do their own research, and ask questions when needed. Students can also use this time as a commitment to work on their own research.

Among others, this course can be helpful with:

* Technical/programming questions about: Stata, R, Python, GIS (ArcGis, QGis, RGdal, etc.), arcPy, LaTeX, OCR. * Questions about research design:
o Statistic and interpretation of results
o Identification strategies
o Data collection and data merging
o Archival sampling

Hilary Term:
14/02 – Gerry Martin Room
21/02 – Merze Tate Room
28/02 – Merze Tate Room
07/03 – Merze Tate Room

Trinity Term:
02/05 – Gerry Martin Room
09/05 – Gerry Martin Room
16/05 – Gerry Martin Room
23/05 – Merze Tate Room

Sorry, there are currently no talks scheduled in this series.

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