COVID-19 and Iron Zoomposium

Please email for the link to the event.

* Hal Drakesmith and Akshay Shah (Oxford): Welcome and introduction – with a primer on iron homeostasis and COVID-19 endpoints * Martina Muckenthaler / Uta Merle (Heidelberg): Hypoferremia predicts hospitalization and oxygen demand in COVID-19 patients * Guenter Weiss (Innsbruck): Prevalence and predictive value of functional iron deficiency and anemia in hospitalized Covid-19 patients * Heinz Zoller (Innsbruck): Lambda Interferons and the Genetic Control of the Iron-Immune Interface in COVID19 * Elena Corradini (Modena) / Fabiana Busti (Verona): Italian experiences on iron and COVID-19 * Hal Drakesmith / Akshay Shah (Oxford): Hypoferraemia, hypoxaemia and the immune response to COVID-19 * Heinz Zoller / Benedikt Shaefer / Hal Drakesmith: COVID-19 Iron data sharing: Aims and methods